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Gamelan Sapta Nugraha

Gamelan Sapta Nugraha is a music ensemble which explores both traditional works and new possibilities for the ancient Balinese Gamelan Selonding.

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Rehearsal Calendar

Gamelan Sapta Nugraha is an ensemble based in Narrm (Melbourne). Our primary artistic focus is on exploring the musical possibilities of the ancient Balinese Gamelan Selonding.

Our ensemble practice is built on a foundation of the study of traditional repertoire and supporting the activities of the local Balinese community. Additionally we value creating new works which explore the unique artistic potential in cultivating this tradition within the Australian cultural environment.

Gamelan Selonding is a traditional percussion ensemble with a rich cultural history deeply rooted in the island of Bali, Indonesia. This unique musical tradition is deeply connected with the religious ceremonies and rituals of the Bali Aga community, the pre-Hindu indigenous Balinese culture. The instruments and music of this ensemble originate from around the time of the 10th century.


The Selonding ensemble features five varieties of eight keyed iron metallophones which named from lowest to highest are; Gong, Kempur, Panem Petuduh, Nyongnyong Gede and Nyongnyong Alit. The ensemble is also accompanied by the small set of cymbals onomatopoeically named Kecek.


For thousands of years, this ensemble existed exclusively in the eastern part of Bali, in the Bali Aga communities. However, in recent decades the ensemble has flourished across Bali being used to both accompany traditional temple ceremonies and also in new works by leading contemporary composers such as Wayan Yudane, Made Subandi, Sraya Murtikanti, as well as many others as a vehicle to explore new musical possibilites.

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